3 SEO Tips for Restaurants You Can’t-Miss

When someone opens a hospitality business, the first question is: How do I make it known? Do I invest in a marketing campaign? Will I have a staff of loyal customers soon? There are no miracles or magic wands, so to make your place the best in the area, you will have to bet on our SEO tips for restaurants.

In this sense, SEO for restaurants has a fundamental role in the user experience. It is also that the premises are digitally accessible and positioned in a way that makes life easier for future consumers of the premises. If any of them are hungry and want to eat at a nearby bar, you need to be positioned.

It is not about changing the traditional ways of making oneself known but also adapting them to the new digital world and promoting experiences and senses. 

Develop Your Local SEO For Restaurants

The local SEO is one of the best techniques to capture potential consumers of our local, as it is responsible for positioning geo-localized those searches where the user is not looking for something specific, but a service near you.

The Google algorithm usually takes into account websites optimized for local, since it understands that the user is more interested in knowing the places around them that offer the services or products they are looking for.

If it puts “cheap gyms” in the search engine, the first results will be those located around it or in areas close to its location, since it understands that the user is interested in those that are close to their residence or work. Also, it will be implemented in Google Maps so that you can find it easily.

In this way, and to take into account and assess the importance of local SEO for hospitality, it is necessary to know that more than 90% of users use mobile phones to do searches. In comparison, more than 50% of potential customers search for Google and check the local page on Facebook. The strategy will be carried out on this basis.

Perfect Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is the cheapest way to carry out SEO for restaurants since it is a free Google application in which we can capture all the information of our premises (sector to which it is dedicated, hours, photographs, ratings, reviews … ) and which will be the first to appear when a direct search is performed.

Thanks to this tool, we can configure our website so that it appears on Google Maps and can be geo-located in local searches for a type of product or service. It is one of its many sections, in addition to many others (such as posts) responsible for giving a good image to the hotel business.

In addition to all this, the search engine rewards the websites that use its applications by positioning them much better than the rest. Have you already updated your Google My Business file? It’s time to get on with it.

Creation Of Rich Snippets

The rich snippets are boxes on the main Google results that show detailed information on the website, business, or a particular product (dates, prices, waiting times, calories, rating, number of reviews … etc.).

These are not widely used, as a web specialist is needed to include the data in the form of goals in the page code. However, they are a great opportunity for those who are positioning themselves for certain words; They represent an added value that, since they are not widely used, can raise several positions.

As these are informative pills that generally give the user more knowledge about what they are going to find on their website, Google values ​​that it is a positive aspect for them, and positions it at the top.

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